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A-B-C's of Watch Collecting, by RonVen

Watch do you know?

This is my first blog for Mike and crew at Eleven 11. I have never met Mike but have corresponded with him. He knows my passion for watch collecting, specifically Rolex. He appreciates the fact that I’d like to share my experience. I have been a collector of many things such as stamps, sports memorabilia, and strange things such a hotel key cards from my travels. However, nothing has appealed to more than collecting watches. Since watches cost more than two cents, it would be hard to give you my two cents worth. But, I thought that to have a blog style (and I am far from an expert in English authorship) that was more fun and memorable would be best. So here it goes.

The ABCs of watch collecting according to RonVen.

A-Always enjoy what you collect. Don’t always buy for the investment potential.

B-Buy what you enjoy and like what you buy. If it is not love at first sight then it probably isn’t the right watch for you.

C-Collect what you enjoy. If all your watches are solid gold…go for it.

D-Don't be influenced by the market or hype. Markets historically always go up and down. Styles come and go.

E-Enjoy your watches that you own by wearing them from time to time and appreciating their workmanship and prestige.

F-Find a theme in watch collecting. You may like all watches that have blue, white or green dials. You may like a certain brand. You may want to collect the most popular watch in multiple brands. You may like a series run, such as Rolex GMT's; 6542-1565-167500-16710-16750 etc.

G-Get up every day and look at your collection and pick the watch that suits your mood for that day.

H-Help other collectors by sharing information you learn.

I-Increase the collection at a comfortable pace that suits your budget and collecting theme. There are always new releases.

J-Join a watch forum online or watch club.

K-Know your watch dealer as well as you can for ease and confidence in your purchase.

L-Learn everything you can about your favourite brand or model number.

M-Make time to read articles and watch videos about topics that interest you.

N-Never purchase a watch under pressure.

O-Obsessing in the chase for the hard to find model usually results in success. It creates new friends, creates new contacts and increases your networking potential.

P-Protect you collection by using soft cushioned, scratch resistant material inside durable and air tight cases guarding your timepieces from the elements of the environment, such as humidity and dust.

Q-Questioning the originality of parts of your watch is absolutely fine. You have every right to know what you’re purchasing.

R-Remember this is a hobby and not a business unless it is your business!

S-Service your watch regularly as per manufacturers recommendations. You have invested a lot of money in your purchase and regular maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

T-Time is one function of a watch but also consider it as a piece of jewellery or a tool such as a chronograph or world time.

U-Understand that scratches will occur no matter how careful you are and can add to your character of your wristwatch,

V-Variety in models or style may be your preference as well. Some steel sports, some two tone versions and a few precious metal models may be the choice in your collection.

W-Wind your mechanical watch at least once a month if not wearing them often enough. I set the first of the month to wind all of mine.

X-eXperience Basel-world at least once in your life (before there is no more) to see how tough it is to be a consumer at that venue and appreciate the collecting world. You can speak directly to head office manufacturer representatives and even meet some of your YouTube and Instagram "celebrities".

Y-Yearn for bigger and better watches instead of several more affordable brands just to say you have a lot of watches. Save up for the one you really want.

Z-Zest for life and the joy of watch collecting is a very satisfying life experience.

Until next TIME,

RonVen - @RolexNow (Instagram)

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