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My Rolex Submariner 116610LN


I thought I'd write a brief review of my Submariner, which I bought in December 2015, as it really is a beautiful watch and quite possibly - just quite possibly, could be my favourite piece in my collection.

The Sub was the second watch I bought and after convincing a friend to buy one. I immediately pined for one myself. No-less than 2-weeks later, I seen one in a Goldsmiths window. I tried it on and the saleswoman was kind enough to take the links out, so it fit perfectly - and it FIT PERFECTLY. It wasn't coming off that day, so I left the shop with it on.

Nearly 2-years in and I still love it as much as the day I bought it.

From an aesthetic point-of-view, it is literally perfect. The crisp ceramic bezel against the stainless steel is, what I think sets Rolex apart from the likes of AP and Patek. Although they produce beautiful watches, they don't produce a watch with a contrast in materials like Rolex do with the Submariner.

I take care of my watches and although there are a few minor daily scratches - it is still very robust and a perfect daily wear.

As far as iconic watches go, the Rolex Submariner is right up there. It has barely changed over course of time and I would suppose that is testament enough to the design and status of this watch. I wouldn't change it out for many pieces that are available.

It's impossible to score this watch less than 10/10. It delivers on all fronts.

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