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Considering flipping my Rolex Datejust

I have three Rolex’s. A Datejust 116234, Submariner 116610LN and a Daytona 116503 (Chronological order of purchase).

The Datejust was my first Rolex and my third Swiss watch. I had two Omegas previous to the DJ, which I sold to fund the purchase of it.

The Datejust was bought with the thought process in mind, that it could be worn with any outfit. It would suit the daily vibe but also fit in seamlessly with a suit. It does certainly fit that bill, however, recently I have become slightly disillusioned by potential replacements.

The discontinued Daytona 116520 with white dial is certainly a draw. The price is going out of control of late, with a once RRP of £7,800 - they are fetching up to double that. That is to be expected with sought after Rolex’s though, but it is enough to price me out of a potential watch + cash scenario.

In all honesty, I don’t see the merit in flipping my Datejust for just another Rolex that I’ll become bored of. It may as well be special...

In my mind, the only potential watches are the aforementioned stainless Daytona, the new ceramic 116500LN Daytona (ideally black dial, but obviously take either) or a vintage GMT Master II pepsi 16710.

I’ve tried on a GMT before and found it too light and fragile - on account of the hollow links. It looks amazing though and is widely respected among collectors. It would sit well in my collection, but then again, so does the DJ.

The 2-Daytona's mentioned are a pipe-dream, having one of those will never happen unless I sell either of the other two, which I am not willing to do.

My trio of Rolex’s are, what I would consider, as a well rounded collection. I have a classic versatile piece in the DJ, an iconic daily in the Sub and the two tone Daytona for the weekend etc.

As you can probably gather, I talk myself in and out of keeping the watch quite frequently. I think I’ll keep it - but then again, I’ll sell it if the right watch comes available...


Oct '17

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