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Welcome to the store

Here at Eleven:11 we are passionate watch collectors, horological and art fans. 

As a result, we have fused our passions in order to bring you watch art. Drawn one geometric shape at a time on 2D CAD, each piece is crafted with detail in mind. 

A print can take up to 30-hours to create, therefore each watch is a very accurate representation of the real thing. Assisted by the use of modern CPU technologies and state of the art printing techniques, Eleven:11 bring watch art to you, like no other.

As an addition to the perfectly constructed prints - on occasion, there are instances where bespoke works of art become available, as a result of our artistic nature integrating with our watch designs. These items are only ever 1 of 1 and will not be reproduced, so contact the team if there is something that you wish to own.

Custom work is available on request, or as they become available. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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