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Why I collect Rolex, By Ron V [@RolexNow].

W- When I first wanted a real watch early in my career (1999) when the Rolex brand was becoming popular but it seemed unobtainable for me. I was able to find a full set 116880 Submariner at an Estate Jeweller for about 30% below retail in excellent condition. Those were the days.

H- History- No one can argue the solid history of a non-profit foundation that still creates masterful pieces of timekeeping precision. I enjoy learning about this deep history

Y- Year after year the brand does not disappoint. There is always something new to look forward to. The Baselworld event is the yearly surprise in the box. Although sometimes that year-long wait can create joy or disappointment there always seems to be something that collectors want. Whether they can easily buy it is another issue. Until recently there have not been any leaks in the tightly held release secrets. Rumours abound on forums. He said. She said. I heard that…This creates the (in my opinion) perfect anticipatory hype that Rolex wants.

I- Individuality- There is enough choice of models and styles to please taste and personality.

C- Collect-ability - The price point compared to other prestigious brands like AP or Patek still permits my collection to be created.

O- Opinion- There is again enough variety in models that allows opinions to be expressed in one's collection. Some like two-tone models and others precious metals. I am a steel sports fan like millions of others.

L- Luxury- Just wearing a Rolex feels great. That feeling is hard to explain until one is on your wrist.

L- Love- Rolex collectors love their watches. They feel attached and part of their timepieces. I share this love.

E- Enjoyment-It is hard to explain the joy that a watch or a timepiece brings to me. I know others share this feeling.

C- Colour-The variety of colours of dials and bezels have been well thought out over the years and seem to change with the times. This allows personal choice. I own an eye-appealing variety.

T- Time - You can never buy time but you can appreciate the value especially when wearing a Rolex timepiece.

R- Rolex - Enough said.

O- Oyster- I had never thought that a shellfish could be associated with a wristwatch that I love! Just thinking of it it gives me the confidence of the durability, toughness and water resistance inside and out.

L- Lume - The old green and new blue still can bring smiles to my face when viewing my Rolex collection. It is probably the most photographed luxury timepiece in the dark. This just adds to the fact that the watch is likely worn to bed or kept close on a night table like I often do.

E- Events- Rolex sponsors some of the most prestigious events in the world and seeing that logo on tennis courts or golf courses makes me feel proud to be wearing and collecting the brand. Indirectly it is like I contributed to them even in a small way.

X- Excitement- The brand exudes excitement with the hunt for the purchase, the call from the AD, the find from the secondary market, the purchase experience and the presentation to friends and family. the presentation to friends and family.

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