Back by popular demand - we have produced a limited number [10] of Eleven:11 mystery boxes and given a rare opportunity to obtain some higher value items for a significantly lower price.


The mystery box can contain any of the following items & the below list will be distributed throughout the 10 available boxes;


8-Watch Peli Case [2-available]

Supreme 4-Watch Peli Case [3-available]

2-Watch Peli Case [4-available]

A Dedication Tee [in any size]

Leather Watch Roll

Leather Watch Pouch

Leather Valet Tray

Prints [Limited and non-limited - all sizes]

Other random items [watch and non-watch related]


The number of items you receive will be random, however, we try and add as many items as possible, ensuring the best value. You could receive 1-item worth the value of your box, several items adding up to the value of the box, or 1 or more items surpassing the value of the box. Given the list of products, you stand a high chance or surpassing the box cost.


Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.

!? Eleven:11 Mystery Box !?

  • Given the nature of the offer - returns and refunds are not accepted.